5 Star Saturday

In my book, today already gets five silver star stickers. Do you remember these? I’m pretty sure you can get a zillion for a dollar, but for some reason they were such a treat when I was younger. Everyone loves stickers. I even have ant stickers in my desk drawer at work in case someone is having a bad day – or their kids stop by. Wouldn’t you want an ant on your hand (or forehead) if you were feeling down?

My morning started by a quick visit to Ryan to drop off his camera. I found his friend Mike in the parking garage, I handed off the camera, and I was on my way. I traveled all the way down to South Charlotte to see Ashley and Alekzander while Andrew was playing disc golf, but first I had to make my obligatory stop at TJ Maxx. I found all kind of good deals – my new $16 gold sandals and $15 bubble dress are probably my favorite buys though. Ashley and I also made our way to Target (surprise), and we treated ourselves to (free) Starbucks chai lattes (hers frozen with soy, mine hot with skim) while we shopped. There is really nothing better than shopping with chai tea in your hand.

It was ridiculously hot (anyone else ready for fall?), so we passed on the walk we had planned, and decided to sit in the baby pool while Alekzander tried out his new float. Two girls and a gigantean inflatable infant float aren’t really the best fit for the pool (in fact, we made it overflow quite a few times), but we had a wonderful time watching Alekzander busily collecting his toys to eat and drink from. Since the last time I saw him, Alekzander has grown much too big for my liking and he has taught himself to scoot. He isn’t quite up to the full crawl, but he’s quickly figuring things out. Right now, his crawl is more like: right hand smacks the floor, left hand smacks the floors, toes press down, and pull. He certainly can get where he needs to go though.

The four of us had a track and field party on the bed, and Alekzander climbed and maneuvered his way over our bodies to visit everyone. He seems to love when all eyes are on him, and he’ll look around and grab ponytails to make sure everyone is still watching. And we are! I mean, how could we not? Did you know I love babies?

Ryan is having his quarterly boys day (it has a much manlier name than that, but it seems to escape me at the moment), but I scored an invite to join them this evening. We are going to RiRa’s to see Uphonik play – always a good time – and Kellie, I’ll be sure to tell the lead singer you said hi. We’re ready for you to come back now.

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