Naked Green Machine

Have you had this? It is Naked’s Green Machine 100% Juice Smoothie. Today it counted as lunch, along with a few handfuls of honey wheat pretzel twists. You really have to look past the color (puke green) and consistency (super thick), but once you do, it is amazing. I mean, really amazing. It mostly tastes like kiwi and pineapple to my dinosaur taste buds, but it also has apples (yes, plural), banana, mango, broccoli, spinach, algae, garlic, barley grass, wheat grass, ginger, and parsley.

Image from Naked.

Whoever thought of this is maybe crazy, and whoever buys it to try for the first time is maybe crazier. Really, it’s the worst possible color ever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come wrapped in a leaf in real life. But you should try it anyway. It’ll be worth your $2.99. A pound of fruit is in every bottle! Did you know?

Also, my sister will probably cry if you drink hers.  It's happened before.  And I'm trying to get over a major spurt of tired.  Big time tired.  Does this happen to you?


Sherry said...

Maybe you should tell me how many calories. And did it fill you up or did you want to eatmore pretzel twists? Doesn't it come in any other color?

ashley said...

I'd like to clarify. I was pregnant. I never like to share my food. And mine was $3.69. Probably even better than yours for that price.