Pewter Rose

The sevens seem to be coming faster and faster. Last night we celebrated our 15th seven at Pewter Rose Bistro, which we arrived at via the light rail. I don’t know that either of us knew what to expect when we walked up the stairs to the restaurant, but their website didn’t seem to really give a true representation of their d├ęcor and style. The weather was beautiful, so we certainly couldn’t resist sitting outside, but I’d maybe suggest sitting indoors for a more modern atmosphere. We got to listen to a couple plan their wedding, as well has hear their engagement story – it involved Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” song – which we heard at least four times in a row. I think they must have been meeting with their DJ, who was kind enough to bring his laptop for them to listen to songs in the corner of the patio. We also heard about the bride’s love for Michael Jackson and her adamancy in providing beer and wine for her guests (but no liquor – she didn’t want things to get too crazy). I ordered hummus, which came with yummy bread, tomatoes, and some other items I don’t care for that were labeled as “assorted sours”. Ryan got a chicken Caesar salad, as we are on our way to good health. We also decided to wake up before 6 this morning to go running. Circle yes or no if you think that really happened.

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