My Very Own Zebra

Oh my goodness, what a happy Friday! I woke up early (I really need to start doing that more often) and decided to start the day with a cup of coffee and a Gold Machine smoothie. Yum! I checked my mail and found (along with another $500 medical bill) a letter and pictures from Alekzander and Ashley! And guess what? Heather is coming! Heather is coming! Heather is coming! If you say it three times and jump up and down, the excitement really shines through. And also, Ryan is coming home from Chicago today! Okay, one more: my mom is coming tomorrow! It is going to be such a fantastic weekend! And guess what else? It is supposed to thunderstorm … a lot! I’m not sure how my guests will feel about this, but I am pleased as punch!

Ryan has been keeping me posted on his Chicago adventures (spell check wanted to change that to “Chicano adventures”, which, I’m sure, would be entirely different). Here is his most recent purchase, which came to me with a brief lesson in baseball:

“Ernie Banks is one of the greatest Cubs of all time; they call him Mr. Cub. He used to say "Let's play two" back in the day when they had double headers frequently.” Well, okay then.

He also bought me a zebra.  My very own zebra! I’m not really sure if this is for real, but in my head it is. On Wednesday, Ryan texted me to ask if I like zebras. And I said something like, “Yes, absolutely! I love all four-legged creatures!” and he said, “Except for dogs.” This is not entirely true, nor is it entirely false. Love is a strong word, you know? But I totally respect that fact that you love dogs, just as I love cats, which you maybe probably don’t. (I like to say things like “maybe probably.” Have you noticed?) So, yesterday I asked Ryan how he was planning on shipping my zebra back, and he said he was just going to ride it. Fine. But now, Ryan is on a plane. So I’m kind of confused. Where is the zebra? Do you think it is really coming? Circle yes or no.

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Ryan said...

oh, and you also don't love horses!