In My Car

What do you keep in your car? Last night after kickboxing, I found four water bottles in the front seat of mine. Four. And only one of which is throw-away-able. Is this indicative of the fact that I maybe own a few too many reusable ones? Perhaps. Especially considering that one is on my desk at work and two are currently hanging out in my dishwasher. But I love them. I think I subconsciously collect them – along with lip gloss, micro-rib tank tops, and … unmentionables.

Along with my Dave Matthews, Easter present, and birthday numbers water bottles, I also found:
- 2 yoga mats
- A sales plat from work
- A car jack
- 4 bags of groceries
- A yellow tank top
- A black cardigan
- 3 headbands
- A black cat (just kidding … but isn’t he cute?)

Don’t worry, my groceries are fresh – as in – they haven’t been sitting in my car for the two weeks that my water bottles and articles of clothing have. In fact, I was actually pretty proud of my $30 worth of groceries last night. I got all kinds of treats like: green leafy lettuce, 4 tomatoes, cottage cheese, whole wheat pitas, 8 cups of yogurt, garlic hummus, celery, skim milk, baby carrots, a pineapple smoothie, 3 bags of frozen broccoli and cauliflower, and coffee creamer. Maybe there was even more. Groceries are hard to remember.

While I was at Harris Teeter, I was overcome by the urge to ride my shopping cart down the aisles – you know, like five year olds do. (You put your left foot on the bottom rack, two hands on the handle, then scoot scoot with your right foot and take off.) And so I did. And it was lots of fun. I even did it in the parking lot all the way to my car. A passing man chuckled at me – it made me happy.

What’s in your car?

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