Summer Blues

Summer is here. It came on Monday without me even realizing its arrival – you know, because it has been so ding dong hot anyway. Do you know about ding dong hot? It is really miserable. But I’m kind of glad it is here, because now I can officially say that I have a case of the summer blues, and also, it is three days closer to fall. Oh fall, I love you.

But here is what I am going to do to get through the next few months: hibernate, eat a lot of yogurt, read Eat, Pray, Love (and some other books since I’m already halfway done with this one), play with my nephew in his baby pool, sleep, snack on pre-sliced celery sticks, visit some new Charlotte places with Ryan, and snuggle with Rex. That’s it. Oh and maybe move to Canada. That’s all I’m going to do. And it is going to make me happy. Okay? Well then. Everything seems to be settled. Carry on.

Ryan is here:

The weather channel website is telling me it is 72 and rainy in Chicago. I am so jealous. All I want is a thunder storm, 70 degree weather, and a happily ever after. Is that really too much for a girl to ask?

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Ryan said...

The storm passed through this morning. I was able to get a refreshing, 3 mile jog along lakeichigan in around noon today. The rain was just letting up, so I ran with the mist effect of a storm just passed. At the present time, it is a lovely 73 degrees and sunny as everyone downtown is racing out of their work offices to enjoy their personal time this evening. Patrick had a good lone at dinner last night.."8 million people in Chicago and each one of them has a story. Who's got time for that!". It made me laugh, have you laughed today Tessa T?