Jiggity Jig

We had a wonderful weekend in Wilmington, and both Ryan and I should be well caught up on lost sleep from Friday and Saturday night. After getting back around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, I slept for 15 hours, Ryan for 12, and here we are, back in the real world.

Zac and Lindsay had a beautiful wedding – from the ukulele player to the blue cookies, the gorgeous fresh tropical flowers to Lindsay’s impromptu singing of “Something to Talk About”, the bridesmaids in long floral dress to the groomsmen in flip flops, the familiar songs of Simplified to the mother-son dance, everything was stunningly simple and so reflective of their personalities.

Wilmington was adorable, too. It was unique, historic, quaint, and sweet all wrapped into one delicious little slice of a beach town. But as always, it is good to be home. Home again, home again, jiggity jig. There is never anything better than home.

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