Something about today feels like Thursday. The weather is cooler and I feel sleepy – like I’ve already put in a solid four days of work. Today my best friend Katie sent me a text message asking me if I’d tried doing a somersault recently. Her texts are few and far between, but they are always filled with fantastic little bits of her life. I’m assuming she was trying to teach her niece, Vaida, how to somersault … apparently without success. I think her 73 inch legs have simply grown too long to somersault properly. I wish I had that problem. But I probably have some other problem hindering my somersaulting abilities – like too big of a head. I honestly haven’t tried. Sometimes I do cartwheels in Ryan’s rat infested parking garage. Do you? Katie also has 73 inch hair to match her 73 inch legs. It’s blonde. And thick. And wavy. Or straight. Whatever she wants, it is. I think she should probably come visit me. And bring her Vaida too. She’s maybe the cutest little girl ever. I just love those two. So, can you somersault? Try it. Especially if you are in your office. I think I’m about to close the door and give it a whirl.

Vaida: Dick Bennett Photography

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ashley said...

We did horrid pilates rock backs today which are like unsuccessful half somersaults and now my spine and tail bone are hurting. No bueno. I'm not holding on to any extra cushioning back there, so those exercises did not feel so great.