Sometimes I wonder what dreams are made of. Last night’s in particular. First, I was at an annual get together with all of my parents' friends and their children (most of who are now fully grown). The Odum, Cullen, Vitz, Martin, Thow and other families were all in attendance – it was a great big bash, and it took place in a house that was straight out of the 1970’s. In a back room, there was a resistance training pool (I think I maybe made this up – you could swim with or against the flow of the water – do these exist?). As part of this annual party, all of the kids had to get in the pool and race to swim against the water - the first person to grab the lima bean shaped piece of plastic (kind of like a “snitch” from Harry Potter) was the winner. We did this three times, and I won! Every.single.time. Of course everyone thought I was cheating, or the game was rigged, but it wasn’t – I was just a fantastic swimmer! Obviously! (Do you know how much I hate swimming? It’s a lot. Especially in pools.)

So then fast forward a dream or two. You know how time changes and places change without warning in most dreams? That’s what happened here. (Background: A girl in my Tuesday night Circuit Training class is pregnant. She is only 15 weeks, but her belly has already popped out like a little basketball resting between her hip bones. This is her fourth baby, and she is maybe 90 pounds, and cute as a button. Mom: I am NOT pregnant. Don’t worry.) But in my dream, it was me who was with child, working out at the YMCA. My stomach looked exactly like hers does, except it was see through! My skin was clear and you could see right into where the baby was growing. As it got bigger and bigger, it turned, faced away from me, and you could see it’s big blue eyes staring out into the world. Everyone loved seeing this, and the baby loved it too. Eventually, I had to cut slits into all of my shirts and dresses so that the baby could see – if it couldn’t see, it would cry inside of me, and I’d get really bad hiccups and throw up for an hour. What the heck?!

Are your dreams as crazy as mine? Circle yes. (Just to make me feel better.)

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