The (Photo) Chronicles of Ryan's Travels

Ryan travels a lot for work. Typically, it is to somewhere really fantastic – you know, China, Chicago, Amsterdam, the beaches of Florida, London, California, Switzerland, Vegas. What this means is: I miss him a lot. But he’s very good at staying in touch (via text and emails … he doesn’t really do phone calls much), and here are the beginnings of his travels this week:

1) The view from his room in Sarasota, Florida:

2) Second row seats right behind home plate at the Cubs game in Chicago:

3) Views of Chicago from the condo:

Did you know Ryan is from there and is borderline obsessed with Chicago sports? It’s true. But I’m okay with it because bears are pretty cute – especially the Cubby Bear. He kind of looks like Rex a little. Yes?  Tomorrow, Ryan's off to Toronto, Canada, and then it's home (I think?) for a night or two!

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