A Sunday to Smile About

Today I slept lazily until 9:30. Maybe this isn’t really considered a good session of sleeping in, but considering my four hour nap and early bed time on Saturday, I certainly didn’t need the extra rest. I visited Jesse, my soft spoken, tattooed, artsy hair stylist, at noon and got “a little trimmy.” I can’t tell you how many times he used the word “trimmy” while I was there, but I’m just going to blame it on the fact that he confessed to staying up until 3am and being hung-over. He said he was so glad I was his first client of the day, but I’m not really sure that the feeling was mutual.

After getting my hair did at South Park, I met Ryan for lunch in Ballantyne. I had the yummiest caprese salad ever, and I even got free garlic knots! Who doesn’t love free garlic knots? I said goodbye to Ryan, wished him well on his work travels, and I took my full tummy over to my sister’s house. We got in the baby pool with Alekzander, read books, went shopping, played baby, fed baby, cuddled baby, and ate dinner – pierogies and zucchini and squash (Markovitch staples!).

Maybe you don’t know this, but my sister Ashley hates to shop. I mean really hates it. Except when she’s with me (I think). We find great finds and spend great spends and come home with lots to show for the little money we spent. Today we both hit the jackpot with Old Navy workout clothes – I think we each probably left with about 8 or so items! Woah! And I got lucky with a new pair of running shoes that were on sale and then on sale again. I think they ended up being almost 60% off and are the exact same pair I had been looking at on Zappos, but in a much better color. Here they are in Zappos pink (mine have a neon green/yellow accent color):

Do you love them? Me too. Especially for $42!

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