When I was really little, I went through a phase where I went “plttt” after everything I said. You know the noise that you can make by sticking out your tongue, puffing up your cheeks, and blowing? That’s the one. So I’d say, “Hi … plttt. I’m Tessa … plttt. This is my Barbie doll … plttt. Wanna play? … plttt.” My grandmother came to visit once and asked my mom if she thought I’d ever grow out of it. Thank the stars above – I did! Can you imagine? “Hi … pltt. I’m Tessa … plttt. I’m here for the interview … plttttt!”

I just learned about this when I was home for Easter last month. So we all did it … plttt. A lot … plttt!  Try it.  I think you'll think it's pretty fun.

It's okay if you think my family is weird.  We can eat an entire box of Wheat Thins in an hour.  What can yours do?


ashley said...

Somehow I knew this picture was going to make it to the 'interwebs' ... good thing I was only making a laughing horse face. We can also demolish a bag of edamame in about 15 minutes and we like to make handfuls of goldfishes or whales swim with red wine. So there.

Tess said...

I love your laughing horse face.