So, here we are on our 4th day of May already. Did you notice it was here? Me neither. I have a tendency to rush my weeks away by – oh, you know – working, going to grad school, constantly cleaning, putting gas in my car, putting food in my belly, and other such activities that don’t exactly float my boat, if you know what I mean. But what about the sweet moments that we want to press pause for? Wait. Slow down. Hold up. Can we have the best of both worlds? Can we rush away the unpleasants while simultaneously savoring the pleasants? Or are you just a Pollyanna who is glad for it all? Surely we can find some sort of joy in nearly everything we do, but unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t feel so. I mean, how do nine page papers and spending $125 at the eye doctor really make you feel? Exactly.

But, nay, this is not a place for complaints, remember? This is where we say our thanks and give our lovings and share our smiles. So here are some little treasures that I’ve already pressed pause to enjoy this week:

• Short little phone chats with some long distance friends
• My early morning blog reading session – I have a whole list to click through, don’t you?
• A brief encounter with my new friend, Maria, who helped me at the YMCA last night
• Gap guava flavored lip balm (although I’m quickly running out)
• Alone time at the grocery store, collecting “treats” for my busy boyfriend
• Thoughtful text messages that make my phone buzz throughout the day
• Warm vanilla sugar hand lotion
• Finding a water bottle in my car when I was painfully thirsty yesterday
• A conversation with the eye doctor’s assistant about our shared love of skirts and dresses
• A sweet card that Rex received in the mail from Tank
• Strangers on the phone asking how I am doing, and sounding like they really care what the response will be
• My light pink ultra fine tipped Sharpie

What are yours?

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