The Bandal

On Saturday night, as you can see in the weekend pictures below, I wore a pair of sandals that have caused quite the stir of opinions. I purchased them while I was with my sister a few weeks ago, and she said nothing of them at the time. I asked for her opinion on the color, and she agreed with me that taupe was the best option – as black was too black and brown was too brown, taupe kind of did a blending trick with my skin, making the sandals a little less of a statement. Actually, at that point, I didn’t think they were much of a statement at all. I just thought they were a pair of sandals that I happened to like, that happened to be inexpensive, that happened to be in a size 6, conveniently nestled into their box and patiently waiting to find a home.

So, the opinions that my friends and boyfriend had about my “ankle braces”, as Ryan so lovingly called them, led me to do a little research (on Google, of course). Apparently these sandals are nicknamed “bandals” – as in boots/sandals – and have recently been scrutinized by many self-proclaimed fashion police. Some celebrities have been spotted wearing them, and it has been said that they can be both a “do” and a “don’t” depending on the shape of your leg. And what if the bottom of your leg has no shape? Or is twig shaped? Sarah – who always looks super cute – approved and is thinking about investing in a pair as well. So, I take that as a “do”.

I don’t know. What do you think? I think I like them. And I will probably wear them no matter what. Don’t you hate when people ask your opinion but already have their mind made up? Me too.


Sherry said...


I would not, could not
wear them in the snow.
My toes would freeze,
but this you know.

I would not, could not
wear them in the muck
My shoes would ruin and
I'd be stuck.

But in the rain
and on the sand
Toes could breathe
and feel so grand.

With a dress
or shorts for sure
And strutting
pretty pedicures.

I would, I could
wear these shoes
But that is not
a surprise to you.

But why do you aks...
Do you give a hoot?
Love your mother
who wears cowboy boots.

Tess said...

That was the best poem ever. Thanks, Mom! I'm so glad you would, you could!