The Day of Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day. Hooray! Don’t you just love your mom? Me too. My mom is little. She likes to garden and eat lettuce salads with cottage cheese on the side. She worries like all mothers do – well, maybe a little more, but that just means she loves us extra big. My mom knits fabulous things like scarves, baby blankets, bigger human blankets, bunnies, cats, hats, and socks. She also weaves baskets. Really. Once upon a time, I would call my mother and say, “Hi, Mom! What are you up to?” and she would say, “Oh, you know, knitting a sweater.” Or sometimes she would say, “Basket weaving, what about you?” And we thought we were being so silly – like it was the equivalent of saying, “Just scuba diving with your father.” Turns out, now she really is doing that when I call her (knitting or making a basket … not scuba diving). Almost always. And when she says, “Oh, just sitting here knitting a bunny,” I think it sounds very silly, but it is completely true. She’ll make you one if you ask.

My mom wears cowboy boots and writes rhyming poems about bandals (see the comments section). She was a teacher for a long long time, and now she is living happily ever after in her 100 acre woods that are really 1/100 of 100 acres. She’s always very good at playing pretend, and she likes to make up songs to sing to her animals. My mom thinks she is pretty funny, and I think she is too. Ten years ago she wore a winter hat to bed because her head was cold, and she will still laugh so hard that she cries when she retells the story.

My mom really likes to shop – which explains a lot about me and nothing about my sister. Her favorite stores are TJ Maxx and Michael’s, and she’s the queen of finding bargains. She hates the grocery store, and sometimes sits in the car and calls me while my dad is inside shopping. She reads all the time and sends lots of greeting cards, which I love. My mom is a coffee every morning and no breakfast kind of gal, which also explains a lot about me. She is very thoughtful and creative, and loves to give and receive homemade gifts – aren’t they just the best? When I was little she would push me so high in our backyard swing that I would go to the moon. And then she’d say, “I love you up to the moon and back again!” And I do too! Again and again!

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there – especially the sweet new mommy friends like Ashley, Mandy, and Lindsey, and the soon to be mommy Stacey.

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Sherry said...

Thank you, daughter of mine!