Last night we celebrated our fourteenth 7th at Soul, a sweet little tapas lounge just on the outskirts of uptown Charlotte. Most of the items on their menu have strange names, which Ryan and I don’t usually do well with, but we both ended up enjoying what we ordered. We started off with edemame and I decided to try falafel. Woah! Me trying new things is almost unheard of, but the waitress did a good job of talking me into it. It was served on a pita with tzatziki sauce, basil, tomato, and onion, and it was yumm-o. Ryan got some kind of meat and cheese panini concoction and a side of garlic and herb fries. When his fries came out, he asked the waitress what she called them and she said “side of fries” - no fancy name for those guys. The atmosphere was awesome – they also had a little sushi bar and an outdoor patio. We’ve already discussed inviting Ashley and Andrew to our next adventure there – and maybe you want to come to? Try it – I think you’ll like it. They also had an expansive “bubbly” selection – so if that’s your thing, I think it’s their thing too, and well, maybe you could be friends.

Happy 14th, Ryan. And happy happy Saturday to everyone else. I hope you are doing nothing today. That’s what we’ve got going on over here, and I am loving every minute of it.

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