Rex's Birthday (Tax Day)

The Bulls won!
Ryan is happy.
My mom started a blog!
Today is Rex’s birthday.
Kickboxing is tonight at 6:30.
We will do 300 squats in a row.
And not be able to sit tomorrow.
I made a worksheet.
About Rex.
It’s for class.
I love making worksheets.
It’s maybe the only think I like about grad school right now.
Do you need anything from Target?
It’s been a while since I’ve been.
Like 5 days maybe.
My friend Stacey is really into sewing.
She’s having a baby.
And making all kinds of things!
I wish I knew how.
To sew.
I know where babies come from.
Do you know where I can buy gray nail polish?
The answer is not Target or Ulta.
Today feels like Friday.
Yesterday felt like Friday.
I was wrong about the big rain.
It was just a cold front.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Glorious, glorious weekend.
I love you.

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