Ice-Cream Story

I told you about the fun I have making worksheets. I really love it. I think the joy comes from turning a blah white screen into a screen full of colorful images and thought worthy activities. This is my most recent “picture story” creation for ESL students to practice speaking and telling a story with a beginning, middle, end, characters, and setting.

It makes me giggle. Pink-striped girl’s facial expression is perfect. She’s so pleased with herself for having enough money to go to the ice-cream shop to fulfill her craving. And then she runs into her sweet little friend who is wearing a “recycle” shirt. They get their ice-cream and bid adieu. What would you name them? Would you want the cone or the ice-cream on a stick? The sticks always grossed me out because they made everything taste like wood – I think they should probably start using recyclable plastic sticks for such delicacies. Don’t you want to go make your own picture story now?

Even though this is the 3rd Friday of the week, it has been a very good one. I saw Ryan three nights in a row – a record as of late! – and now I’m not ready for that to stop. One more? Six more? 79,827 more? After kickboxing, I wanted to walk to Jimmy John’s for a veggie sandwich and Ryan wanted to stop by Live After 5 to say hi to some friends. Live After 5 is an outdoor live music event every Thursday evening in the spring and summer. So … two hours and no sandwich later, we get back to Ryan’s. It was good. And fun. And unexpected. This is what happens in the spring. You have three really fantastic nights in a row, then a wonderfully busy weekend, then you wonder where the month has gone. (Ryan did feed me, by the way. Pita Pit delivers. Even at 10:30pm. And they have yummy garden pitas and baked barbeque chips.  AND, I even have my own carton of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream at Ryan's house!)

Also, I am a horrible mother. I didn’t spend but 30 minutes with Rex on his birthday yesterday. We’ll celebrate tonight. I don’t think he’ll know the difference. Major snuggle session, treats, and cat nip are on our to-do list tonight. We might even share a bowl of edemame!

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