Edemame and Target

Rex eats edemame. He doesn’t just eat it, but he eats it passionately with his head cocked to the side. Us humans like to eat the soy beans that are inside, but Rex and his cat friends prefer to chew on the outside shells. He’ll also eat the beans, but only when I’m willing to share – usually he just steals the empty pods from my discard bowl and takes them to a secret location to devour them. It makes me laugh, and I figure a little greenery can’t hurt anything.

This morning I woke up, got caught up on laundry, and then headed to Target for more laundry detergent. Rex and I get our edemame from the frozen foods section in Target, and with that and dozens of other items in my shopping cart, I left Target $100 poorer. Many of my purchases were boring necessities – like the laundry detergent, Ziploc bags, toilet paper, face wash, travel size toiletries, honey almond fat free yogurt, fruit leathers, and mascara (I’m throwing away my six old mascaras as soon as I have a nap and get reenergized). But I treated myself to a bright coral cardigan – exactly like the gray one I just wore three times in a row – some fun bugs for Rex to play with while I’m in Germany, and a pair of pajama pants, which come with a story.

Last week, I was catching up with NieNie, and I saw that she was wearing the cutest pair of pajama pants. They looked so light and cozy and I thought: wow, I’d really love to have those pants – surely they’d make me smile as I’m lounging lazily after work or on a Sunday afternoon. What? You don’t wear pajamas on Sunday afternoon? Well then you are really missing out and I’m feeling a little sad for you as you are sitting around in your itchy, uncomfortable jeans. So, I figured Nie’s pants came from somewhere fabulous in Arizona or Utah, and I just kind of gave up on the dream of ever owning them. Well – get a load of this – as I was strolling through Target today, there they were! Patiently hanging on the rack, waiting for me to take them home and love them forever and always. And I will. I’ll let them grow old with me.

And happy anniversary to us!  Now the much dreaded packing begins ... Only four days til take off!


Anonymous said...

Hey who takes care of Rex?? Got me wondering!

Tess said...

Rex is a self sufficient cat! Cats are SO much easier than dogs, and Rex has a timed automatic feeder that will ensure he gets his daily nutrition! I'm only going to be gone for 4 full days - any longer than that I'd probably have someone come play with him.