Outfit Repeater

Right now I’m watching the final episode of Nip/Tuck – why does it have to be over? And I don’t mean over, like I’ll have to wait six months until next season starts, I mean over like this is the last episode of the last season. Ever. My heart shed a tear or two, but there is a possibility that I’ll become a better person by not watching it - that show is certifiably nuts. But, speaking of, US of Tara starts again this month! So at least I’ll have a replacement.

Ryan is currently on a run, getting all of his energies and jitter bugs out before he gets on a plane and heads to China. He leaves this evening and doesn’t get to his destination until Monday morning. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t fathom it – and the different time zone thing is just something I’ve totally given up on trying to understand.

We’ve had quite the productive day today, and although I’m exhausted, I’m pleased that it isn’t even 5 yet. Don’t you just love that feeling? We dropped his Jeep off at the Jeep customizing place, and when he gets back from overseas he is basically going to have a whole new vehicle! It’s getting lifted, big new tires, shiny wheels, the carpet removed, a new floor liner, a new top, and lots of other things too. The top it’s getting is called a bikini top, and that makes me giggle for some reason.

Last night we went to dinner and got our favorite pasta dishes. I wore black tights and my gray boots and a gray cardigan with a light pink scarf.  And I wore the same outfit today. And I have to wear it tonight too because I forgot to pack anything else. Don’t judge me. You know you’ve worn the same thing two days in a row before – even when you had other options. Sometimes tights and boots are just so dang comfy that you don’t want to try anything else.  Sometimes we're all outfit repeaters.  Even you.  Don't worry, I don't judge.

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