In celebration of my 50th post, I thought I’d share the 50 Nifty United States song with you. And then I thought that was pretty lame – since, you know, we all learned it in 4th grade and had to sing it in chorus while we wore embarrassing knee-length black skirts and white button-up shirts. So, instead, I thought I’d share a piece of the anniversary book that I gave to Ryan. Are you SO sick of hearing about our anniversary?! Sorry, this is the last time I’ll bring it up – til next year!

I made Ryan a “Because Book” – 101 reasons why I love him – as well as 50 of my favorite pictures from our 12 months together. Instead of showing you the 50 pictures (because that would be bragging), here are 50 of my 101 reasons:

i love you because you introduced me to pita pit. do you know how much i love pita pit? & i love you because you order for me when i get nervous at restaurants … especially when i have to say words like “caprese.” i love you because you always listen – even when i’m saying nothing. & because you remember all the nothings i say. i love you because you have a great smile. & especially because you fell for that line. i love you because you let me talk about babies. i really love babies – did you know? & remember when we woke up & just laughed & laughed & laughed? i love you because of that too. & when we dance to simplified … i especially love you then. i love you because you love rex – even though he plays war games on your feet. & the butterflies you still give me … those make me love you even more. i love you because you asked me how to spell “ooo!”. & because we just agreed to disagree about that one. i love you because i can spend the entire weekend with you but still miss you when i leave. & i love that you miss me too. i love you because you text me sweet nothings from europe. i love you because you love your job. & because you point out transformers when we are on walks, in cars, or on planes. i love you because you dance on the furniture. & because you make up personalized lyrics to songs. i especially love when you do that. & do you remember tiger world? i love you for taking me there on our day off. i love you because you worry about me walking home at night – even when you are with me. & because you have a personal cab driver that told me i look like a movie star. i love you because you are smart in ways that i am not. & because you trusted me to build your ikea drawers. i love you because you make my waffles extra crispy on sunday mornings. & then we get back in bed. i love you because you have a sexy email address. did you know an email address could be sexy? & i love you because you said: “there’s a fungus among us” when we were waiting for the elevator one morning. i love you because you believe in happy endings. & because you believe in making one with me. i love you because you were at the right place at the right time for me to find you ... twice. & i love you because you didn’t really want to be found. i love you because you were very pleased with my cookie balls. & because you say “very pleased.” i love you because you drive around all winter without the windows on your jeep. & because you have chicago blood. who would have thought i’d love a boy from chicago? i love you because you let me be myself – all the sillies and nonsense included. & because you have sillies too. i love you and all of your sillies. i love you because you make me see two sides of things – even when i don’t want to. & because you make me want to be a better me. i love you because you sometimes let me cheat a little in phase ten. i just love that you’re so sweet. do you do it on purpose or is that just who you are? i love you because you love your family – especially all the little ones. & because you spent so long picking out a miniature tea party set. wow, that really made me love you. i love you because you do numbers. & with me doing letters, well, i think we’re a great team. i love you because you’re you. & because you’re mine. & because i found you & now everything just feels so right.

Did you count them? Don’t. I’m pretty sure there are either 49 or 51 because, like I said, I don’t do numbers. But don’t you want to make a “Because Book” for your favorite person or the sweet love of your life? I’ll tell you how if you want me to! And thanks for putting up with my straight up sappiness – that’s just how I roll.

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Meghan C said...

OMG i absolutely loved that!! all of it.. and i didnt count.. i didnt need too because its perfect! Thats awesome tes!