Oh, Packing

Here's what packing for a four day trip across the ocean looks like at my house:

You can see the scarf pile, the sorted items of attire that have not yet made it into a suitcase, what Rex thought of my "Don't Forget!" list, and, well, Rex wearing the alphabet scarf.  I just noticed that "bras" are on my list.  Embarrassing.  Are you wondering how I could forget such an important wardrobe staple? I'm not sure, but I assure you that it's a very real possibility.  And did you notice my nine pairs of socks?  You never know what's going to happen, people.  And is it evident that I don't wear anything that isn't black, white, or gray?  Ooo!  Do you see that coral cardigan in the cardigan pile?  That's the new one from Target - its coming - I bet it never dreamed of going to Germany for its first wear!

Oh, and these roses, they're hanging out on my desk making my heart happy.

Aren't they beautiful? Doesn't it look like they are from Japan and could easily live happily ever after with some stalks of bamboo and a Koi fish? I think so too! Actually, they are from right here in Cornelius, NC, but they do have a certain oriental feel, which is appropriate since they're from my boyfriend in China. Isn't he the best?

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