Big Rain Wednesday

Here are some Wednesday flavored scoops:

1. It feels like rain. Big rain. Even inside in my windowless office, my bones can feel the big rain coming.

2. I love the smell of Staples (the store – not the little metal fasteners). I’ve always loved school supplies, and Staples overwhelms you with fresh plastic binder scent. Do you think I can purchase it in an aerosol spray?

3. Have I told you about the cows? They are dark brownish black and live across the street from me. This is Lake Norman and my neighbors have about 38 cows just hanging out. They are silent cows, not moo cows, and they do not smell. Maybe if you stuck your nose right up to them they would smell, but my air doesn’t smell like cow poo or anything. They were all taking tiger snoozes when I drove past them today.

4. We are going to the Chicago Bulls game tonight. More appropriately called the Charlotte Bobcats game since we live here, but I know who Ryan wants to win, and their mascot is not the Bobcat. Andrew is coming too. We’ll miss you, Ashley Pants!

5. There are only two or three more classes left in the semester. Do you know how much I dislike grad school right now? Call me if you want to hear all about it.

6. My arms are still peeling from my Arapahoe sunburn.

7. Ryan came over last night and we spent two hours cooking, eating, and talking before we turned on the television. Love that.

8. Rex makes “human English” noises – according to Ryan. This is opposed to “cat English” noises, which are totally not impressive.

9. Yesterday I made an eye appointment.  I'm still so very pleased with myself when I do responsible adult things like that.  I'm going to see if I can get/wear/tolerate contacts so that I don't have to spend 45 hours a week with black plastic on my face (you know ... wearing glasses).

The End.

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