Magnetic Happiness

My dad and the Easter Bunny worked hand in hand to make me this fabulous magnet board. I really love it.

It has been sitting in a corner, patiently awaiting its magnetic letter friends since I returned from my Arapahoe adventure, and last night I finally decided to make them! I used old scrabble tiles that I ordered from Ebay (I hate Ebay, so I always just look at the “Buy Now” options) and some left over cardboard critters from my sister’s baby shower invites. As far as the critters are concerned, I have: a gruffalo, a butterfly, 2 kittens, a goldfish in a bowl, a crab/lobster, and a swordfish. I’m very pleased with them; they make me giggle. And I can write love notes and all kinds of silly somethings with my scrabble letters.

On the other side of the magnetic board, there is a handy calendar with a fantastic crown-wearing bird at the top. Really – could this be any better? Yes! Because it is still a little less finished than I would like, I’ve permanently borrowed a mini-dictionary that I’m going to vandalize. After the vandalization occurs, I will make a background of dictionary pages on the plain side of the board. It will be perfect.

Mom – are you sad you gave yours to Ashley? I bet you are. Hopefully you aren’t dreaming about it.


ashley said...

If you are dreaming about it, Mom, I can give it back!!!

Tess said...

Did you notice that I am missing a letter? Bummer.

Sherry said...

I found a "R" in the sofa.
I know a very special man who will make another one for me. Check the Dollar Store for a dictionary.
What pages will you use? T and R?
You forgot to have D-a-d put on picture hangers.

Ashley, it will be a good teaching tool for Alekzander and I'm sure Big A will have fun with it too.