Play Date

This weekend I wished and wished for a play date. Although I did have a handsome brunch date on Sunday, it just wasn’t quite what I had in mind. But, this sweet-little-chubby-cheek-face-eater was:

I was beyond thrilled to see Alekzander and Ashley during my lunch break today! What a great start to my week! Ashley and I sat on the floor and ate white beans, yellow carrots, and spinach while we watched our babies (Alekzander and Rex) wiggle and wriggle around on the carpet. I finally was able to share my chocolate chip cookies, and I’m so thankful that they are out of my house and will soon be into the belly of someone other than me. I certainly had more of my share while I basked in my loneliness this weekend. Why do I do that?!

And how do you feel about my dead plant? Can you tell that it is dead? Maybe it isn’t. But it is in a permanent pre-death state.

My gas was turned off this morning “for repairs”, and I had to make an appointment to get it turned back on. Stupid. And then the Gasman told me he had to look at my water heater, so I said “Humph!” and emptied out my mini-closet (which has a closet door inside it). Annoying. And so, I showed him my water heater. “Hmm … this isn’t your water heater. It’s probably outside.” Well then, Mr. Gasman, why the heck did you let me empty out my regular heater closet-closet if you knew the water heater closet was outside!? Also, I had told him that I left the outside door unlocked just in case he got there before me - because I know this is where my water heater lives! Confusing. Then he tried to chat me up! Rude. Then Rex bit him. See ya.

(Please note: The entire Gasman story was told just so I could let you know that I watered my pre-death plant while I ran home to meet him.)

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