A Letter To Rex

Dear Rex,

I love your simple little life. You wear the same thing every day and greet me excitedly at the door whenever I come home. For at least two of your three years of life, you have eaten the same exact thing for every meal that has nourished your 12 pound body. You are extra snuggly – just as I requested – and love to sleep cuddled up to my side, in between my legs, or next to my face. I love how happy you are when people come over to visit and how kind you are to strangers. Any lap is a good lap for you, but I know you have your favorites. You give the best kitty kisses of sweet little licks with your sand paper tongue. And even though you sometimes drive me crazy, your insistence on playing fetch always makes me giggle and wins me over. If I leave you for more than 24 hours, I am always thinking about you (ask Ryan), and I love coming home to you and all of the toys that you have taken out of your toy basket. Your passion for eating bugs (though not contagious) is very helpful around the house, and your little pre-pounce butt wiggle is pretty darn cute. My favorite time of the day is when you sit on the bathroom counter watching me get ready, eating hair ties, knocking all of my items on the floor, and carrying around q-tips in your mouth. I even love you when you chew on the velcro of my laptop cord and stand on my keyboard when I am trying to type. Oh, to be so easily entertained. I was wondering if you wanted to trade lives for a little while – you really like people food, drinking out of glasses, and folding laundry, and I really like taking tiger snoozes in the sunshine … this will work out great. I’ll leave you a list of things you’ll need to do for my work and school. Come on, Rex, you can do it. Circle yes or no.

Me (Your Human Mother)

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