After a busy weekend filled with all kinds of celebrations, I’m ready to share a song with you. On Sunday I headed over to my sister’s house to spend some delayed birthday time with her, visit with my mom, and play with Alekzander. We shopped for babies – not actual babies, but baby things – shopped for ourselves, made mermaid hair, ate dinner, and ate yummy ice cream cake (a staple in the Markovitch family birthday traditions). I’d been craving ice cream cake, so it was very convenient for Ashley to turn 28 on Saturday. Andrew came home from disc golf and grilled (yes, grilled) pierogies, which were beyond delicious.

Oh, so you’re wondering about the song? Hanging out with a 5 month old makes you realize you can sing a song about anything! And it’s so much fun! It really changes your attitude and makes you giggle while you’re walking the aisles of World Market, waiting for your sister to decide how to spend her $10 gift card. And here it is … the world debut of “OKSM” – I’ll let you figure out what that stands for. Please sing this to the tune of “Frère Jacques”:

Alekzander, Alekzander
Déjà vu, Déjà vu
Oriental kittens, Siamese mittens
Déjà vu … Déjà vu

Also, it is a unanimous decision that I should change my name to Te$Ha (you know, like Ke$Ha) and wear an Indian headdress and black body suit for Halloween this year. Have you seen this? It’s hypnotizing.

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