Knitting A Kitten Friend

Were you confused? Did you think we skipped right over spring and stepped right into summer? Me too. Being in Tennessee yesterday and today gave me a good taste of spring mountain air, and I thought I’d disappointed coming back to the 90 degree Lake Norman weather. Not the case, my friends – I’ve got a cool breeze blowing through my living room right now – cool enough to be wearing a long sleeve shirt and have two blankets over my little leggies! I love it. Rex loves it. We are smiling.

After the sale this morning, I came home and took an extra large tiger snooze. There’s something about the combination of walking mountain property, sunshine, stress, eating four pieces of Mellow Mushroom pizza (yum!), and driving that is just completely exhausting! So, my suitcase is still unpacked, laundry still needs to be folded, and there is proof of Rex shedding his winter coat all over my carpets. Today he had a 20 minute fur brushing sessions and shed enough for me to knit him a kitten friend. Don’t worry – my tasks will still be here in the morning, so I can do them then. I also need to give my car a little attention and try to wipe off the pollen that snuck inside.  Don't you hate that?  The pollen has been insane this season.  Let's wish it away.  Okay, ready, and ... wish! Do you want to come over tomorrow to play? I could use a play date I think. I even have chocolate chip cookies to share. Okay great! So I’ll see you at 12:30 then.

And do you remember Heather, who is totally in love? Well … she’s ENGAGED! Congratulations and happy happies to Heather and Phil! I can’t wait to hear about their adventures together! I love love!

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