Dress Fairy

Dear Dress Fairy,

Could you please bring me any or all of these dresses? I’d love to wear them and I will give you full credit for providing them for me. Can’t you see me gallivanting around town in my four new dresses and strappy sandals this spring? Did I mention that I have been very good? I mean really good. I even got a 100 on my grad school paper – that’s worth at least one dress, right? And surely I’ve done some other good things like eating all my vegetables, taking my vitamins, going to kick boxing twice a week, remembering to feed my cat, and folding my laundry (even though it is currently in a pile on my living room floor). Please send all dresses to my home address. If you have jewelry or sandals that you think should be worn with said dresses, please feel free to send them as well.  Also, do you have any tips for training a cat?  Mine is really bad.  And he ate a wasp today.

Much love,

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