A Sister Birthday

Today is my sister’s birthday. I really like her a lot. I really like her baby a lot, too. And her husband, he’s pretty swell as well! Ashley’s got a lot of good things going in her happy little mommy world. She’s my not-so-opposite polar opposite and I love her for that. It took us a while to figure this sister thing out, but one day it just clicked. I can’t remember what day it was, but I assure you, it was a good one. Now I like to bug her every day by calling her incessantly until she answers and hogging her baby whenever we see one another. Ashley gave up sweets for lent. Can you imagine? I’m so proud of her. And she ran a 5k a few months after birthing a child. Can you imagine? Me neither – heck, I can’t even imagine running from my condo to the nearest stop sign. Ashley likes chick peas and feeds her baby avocadoes. Sometimes he has lime green spit up, which he probably thinks is pretty cool. Ashley wore a jean jumper in 6th grade and had a really pretty perm in college. One time I borrowed (without asking) her white t-shirt with brown teddy bears on it, and that very same day I fell down and broke my wrist and my two front teeth. Karma. Ashley has the best hair color in the world. It is called: regular dark brown. I’ve asked her if she wanted to trade hair with me, and she said “No. I don’t want your mousey light brown gray ash blah hair color, I’m going to live happily ever after with my fabulous regular dark brown shiny hair. So there.” Okay, so she didn’t say this, but she did deny my request. Ashley is also really smart in ways that I am not. She actually studied in college, which I think was probably a really good idea. Did I mention her adorable baby? Ashley introduced me to Phase 10 – the best game ever – and she likes to eat goldfish (and whales) with her red wine just like me. She is inspirational and sweet and never interrupts when you are telling a story. Ashley has always been independent, which must be how our parents raised us to be – thank you, Mom and Dad. Sometimes she is as quiet as a mouse, and other times she has lots to say. My favorite thing about Ashley (besides her baby) is her laugh. She thinks a lot of things are really funny. I mean really funny. And it’s like when she has a funny thing in her head, she just can’t do anything else besides laugh. She can’t even talk. And she laughs so hard that she cries and then she tells the story that she thinks is so funny, and usually it really isn’t so funny, but we all laugh and laugh because she is laughing so hard that everything just becomes funny. One day we are going to live closer to each other and let our kids trace their shadows in chalk and dance on picnic tables. And then we’ll grow old and gray, and I won’t have to worry about her having the better hair color anymore. Happy birthday, Ashley! I hope you’re having a wonderful day at the horse races! I love you!

And do you still love your ice-cream cone card? Circle yes or no. Give it back if you circled no.

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