Reason #7911

Today Alekzander sent Ryan an email. It was maybe the cutest email I’ve ever read. That is, until I read Ryan’s response to him.

Why I love my boyfriend – Reason #7911:

Dear Ryan,

 My mommy says its a good thing that I can't read yet. I am wearing the shirt you bought me that says "I pulled an all nighter"! I am actually sleeping all the way through the night. Are you?

 See you soon.

 Love, Alekzander

(Courtesy of Alekzander's Email and Ashley)

The response:

Dear Alekzander,

Could your eyes be anymore blue! It is going to be hard to keep the girls away with eyes like yours.

I'm not sure if it's a good look or not, but I stick my tongue out for pictures just like you do!

I'm glad you are sleeping through the night these days. When you grow up the phrase "pulling an all nighter" may take on a different meaning for you. You can ask your dad or your "uncle in practice" about what that phrase really means.

Thanks for the note and I'll see you soon!


PS - I don't sleep too well these days, so do me a favor and catch some extra winks for me!

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ashley said...

Alekzander's and Ryan's communications today made my heart smile! Glad you were able to share in the happiness too.