Wishing for a Perpetual Saturday

Today is Sunday and that makes me sad. I hate when weekends are over. They’re so pleasant and happy and I wish I could just live my happy little life in a perpetual Saturday.

Today my Ashley sister and I went to Ulta Beauty with intentions of switching to mineral makeup. She was successful and I was just overwhelmed and unprepared for all of the options. I’m such a sucker for the Bare Minerals infomercial, and I’d love for my skin to be perfectly flawless and porcelain-like. I think I need to do some more research before I take the plunge. And I should probably give up on my dreams of a perfect complexion under any circumstance. I did get to see my sweet nephew Alekzander, and he was nothing but snuggles and giggles and big gummy smiles that melted my heart. Apparently he projectile vomited a few hours before I got there, and that would not have melted my heart, so I’m very pleased that I missed out on that.

After our Ulta adventure, AB and I went to pilates. She’s like me and get’s everywhere 20 minutes early, so it gave us some time to catch up from our weekend apart. We were maybe the two most inflexible people in the entire gym, but we did our best despite our popping hips and tight hamstrings. Now I’m home with The Real Housewives of New York and Rex. These women are terrible and Rex is being super needy. It’s a pretty good end to the weekend, although I hate to see it go.

And have you been to Pike’s Old Fashion Soda Shop? You need to go.  Tomorrow.  They have amazing milkshakes – try the banana one – and you can take the lightrail there. I love milkshakes and I love bananas and I love sanitary public transportation.

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ashley said...

While I was decisive, I'm not in love with my purchases. Thanks for helping me take the plunge though!