Playing at the Panther's

Today was Ryan’s co-ed flag football tournament at the Panther’s stadium. We had sunshine and 60 degree weather that wasn’t quite 60 degrees yet. Last year it was much warmer and I wore a dress instead of a fleece jacket and got a sunburn instead of wind in my ears. Since his team did so well today, they get to play again tomorrow. And since I am a fair-weather fan and a bad girlfriend, I will probably not be there if it showers scatteredly and thunderstorms like it is supposed to. But I will get some much needed quality time with my Ashley sister and my Ashley friend (2 Ashleys in one day! Oh my!), which I’m very excited about.


Meghan said...

tessa get out there and play! we all know secretly you are great at sports! and love them~!!

Tess said...

Oh, Meghan! You are so funny!