Spring is Springing

Last night a friend of mine analyzed the Charlotte weather systems and seasonal patterns for me. We were at the Rusty Rudder seeing a band play, and we noticed that the next show was going to be played outside. On the lake. THIS weekend. It snowed yesterday, and we’re already making plans to see bands play in their summer locations … 4 days after a vicious blizzard?! Okay, it wasn’t a blizzard, nor was it vicious, but there was a good five hours of moderate to heavy snowfall. And the snowflakes were huge! But quite frankly, the thought of seeing live music – outside – on the lake – this Sunday – made me want to throw up. According to my friend’s 28 or so years of living in the area, I only have about ten to twelve more days of my beloved cold weather. And then it is spring mixed with cold fluctuations, and then it is spring for real. Spring is springing, and it hurts me.  Why am I dreading the warmth so much this year? What has gotten into me? Have my heart and soul forgotten that I’m a born and raised beach girl? Does sunshine no longer run through my veins? Have I become a cold blob of dreariness and blah? Am I actually enjoying being pasty pale? And since we’re honest with each other, I need to ask myself: Is this really all about fashion? I was so sad to put away my sundresses and sandals, so shouldn’t I be happy to unbury them from their dark days of hiding under the bed and in the cobwebby corners of my closets? Woe is me. I am not happy about this. I want to live forever in my yoga pants, scarves, tights, boots, fitted long sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, silver flats, sweater jackets, and poofy vests. Unfortunately I think spring is going to come, and summer – yuck, summer! – is inevitably going to follow. Perhaps I just need a major attitude adjustment and some new items for my summer wardrobe to cheer me up? Or maybe I can just look at all my summer pictures and remember how good it was to me and how pretty everyone is when they have a tan. I do love having a tan.

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ashley said...

You love summer... you're just sad to let your boots and scarves go in to hiding. Alekzander wants summer to come quickly, because he has a lot of cute clothes to wear, and he bought a float to bring to the pool this summer... and three pair of swim trunks... aren't you looking forward to seeing a little tan baby with fat rolls on his legs, smelling of sunscreen?! I am.