Because Sharing is Caring

I stumbled upon this great website a few months ago when I was searching for something. I can’t exactly remember what it was I was looking for, but I loved it! And then, when I actually needed to use it, I couldn’t remember what it was. Doesn’t this happen to you all the time?

The website is Kevin and Amanda {Blog}, but I think it’s more Amanda’s thing than Kevin’s, if you know what I mean. Boys just don’t seem to be into the scrapbooking and crafting and blogging thing. In fact, I think they probably think it is all a bunch of hoopla. Try to use the word “hoopla” twice today. It’s a good one to re-incorporate into your every day vocabulary.

So, this Amanda gal, she has the BEST fonts ever! She has two genres of font – one of which is scrapbooking fonts, and the other is what she calls “pea” fonts. Pea fonts are created from people’s handwriting samples, and I think that is just fabulous. So, I searched and searched for an all caps handwriting font – since, you know, I write in all caps – and low and behold, I found one! It’s called Pea Sean and is pretty close to my actual handwriting. It worked perfectly for the project that I needed it for.

Check it out, find your font or submit your handwriting sample, and live happily ever after.

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