Four Thoughts for the Fourth

Times are a changing. I officially have a big girl job and I’m actually doing work at work. Can you imagine – me – working – at work? Here are some thoughts:

1) When it comes to numbers, I’m an idiot. Really. Today I was tutoring an 8th grader and couldn’t help her with her math homework on percentages. I also recently asked one of my co-workers: “How do I write 1.2 million in numbers?”

2) The alphabet is the alphabet. I was trying to figure out what kind of seat I would be in on my flight. I’m in seat K. The rows go: 3 seats, 5 seats, 3 seats (11 seats across) and K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. So, the same 1.2 million co-workers tells me I’ll be in a window seat since I’m the last seat. And I said, “Yeah, but sometimes they do it weird and backwards.” And he says, “No, Tessa. The alphabet is the alphabet. It never changes.” So, there. Look at me in my window seat!

3) I’ve recently fallen in love with Zicam. It warded off a potential cold, and I’m following the directions to continue taking to take it four days after my symptoms subside. It says not to eat or drink for 30 minutes after you take it – I think it is just protecting your taste buds from the nasty zinc effects. So, today, I wanted a piece of gum. And I wanted it within those 30 minutes. And I hesitated. What do you think? Is gum a food or drink? Or both? Or none? Circle one.

4) Ryan sent me an email about someone’s house today. He said it was attached, and felt the need to clarify that a picture was attached – not the actual house. It made me giggle. What of you opened an attachment and a house popped out. Or a hedgehog. People have them as pets, you know. And surely they take pictures of them and send them to people.

I'm so bummed I don't have a picture of my pet hedgehog to share with you.  Forgive me?


Meghan C said...

tessa! love it.. what a great way to wake up this morning.. when are you leaving on your trip?

Tess said...

Meghan! I didn't get the chance to look at your blog yesterday - and I was way delayed on getting that email for some reason! I leave on March 11th - next Thursday! :) Now, off to visit your blog!