Requesting a Snow Bagel

I really hate packing. I always bring way too much and never use half of it, but I think it is better to have options than not. For example, I brought four pairs of flats, two pairs of boots, three pairs of heels, running shoes, and flip flops … just in case. If you were wondering, I brought 86 pounds of things with me to Kiawah. 86 pounds for three days. That’s 28.6 pounds per day and then I had to come home and unpack. Unpacking may be worse than packing, but I think my dislike for them is pretty equal. I was very pleased that we decided to come back home yesterday afternoon, because getting home at 7:00 left me plenty of time to unpack and catch up with my mom and my sweet friend Heather. Also, getting home at 7:00 worked out perfectly, because a neighbor was getting home at the same time and offered to carry up two of my three suitcases. I love living on the third floor – it has many perks like vaulted ceilings and nobody walking around on your head – but carrying over 80% of your body weight in giraffe printed luggage up and down the stairs is no bueno.

It feels good to be unpacked, and now I have the whole day to spend as I please. Here is what I please:

1) Go to Panera for a bagel and coffee.
2) Spend some time and maybe some money in Target.
3) Call my sister.
4) Take a nap with Rex. (Oh, I have left Target at this point. Although I love it, I do not wish to nap there. And do you bring your cat to Target?)
5) Visit Ryan, order Pita Pit, play Phase 10, and watch US of Tara.

Did you know it is snowing here? It is. So, what I please and what I am actually going to do are going to be quite different. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stuck inside all day, which makes me really sad. I love relaxing, but I think I’ve had enough of that and I am ready to get out and be productive. I also have no food in my house, and I’m going to have to survive this blizzard on water, plain pasta, and cat snuggles. Speaking of, Rex has his first snow experience this morning. He took about five steps out the back door and decided that sitting inside and watching Penguins of Madagascar was a much better option. We were really watching that this morning – he only watches cartoons, and he is two, and a cat, so I really don’t think it is nice of you to be judging him. Does anyone want to come visit us? We can read story books and play games and drink tea and build a baby snowman with the centimeter of snow that has landed on my balcony.  Also, could you bring me a snow bagel?

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