Snowy Sunday Sleep Demons

This weekend was an unnecessary reminder of why I don’t like snow. It’s cold and wet and leaves me stuck inside. Maybe I was a little more miserable than I really needed to be, but my Saturday was sad and lonely and I was pathetically unmotivated. Rex was extra snuggly though; we did a lot of napping, hiding under the blankets, and watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I had hopes of the roads being safer this morning, but I never left my house to find out. Instead, I had a sweet visitor who came bearing coffee, groceries, and hugs. Ryan must have known what I was craving, because he brought everything my little heart (and belly) desired: cookies, tomatoes, cucumbers, milk, pineapple-orange juice, colby-jack cheese, and goldfish. Now my refrigerator actually looks like someone is living here. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Despite my itches to get out of the house, we decided to stay in and be lazy – something we are both very good at – especially on Sundays. Eight hours actually went by really fast, and as the sun is setting, we are slowly fading too. Our morning started around 10:30 with spilled coffee and Google searches of sleep demons. Then we moved on to watching the movie Clue – easily in my top three favorite movies of all time. Have you seen it? I’d tell you that you should, but I’m pretty sure Ryan hated nearly every second of it, so my sense of humor and film rating criteria may be slightly off. We also played Phase 10 (can you tell this is the only game I own?) and I lost twice, but I think I was a pretty good sport about it. Ryan only gave me a redo once, and that was because he got a run of 900 (okay, maybe ten) in the hand that he was dealt. One time, at my sister’s, I went and pouted on the couch in the other room and told everyone I quit playing and never wanted to play again and almost started crying because I messed up and forgot to lay down my cards. It was the first time Ryan and I had played cards together and I’m surprised he is still dating me. Have you seen those “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” signs? Well Ryan had conveniently ran to Starbucks to get me a chai tea latte and brought back cupcakes, so maybe I should have thought about that saying pre-pout. I mean, how often do you really have a cupcake handy? Ashley and I are just not very good game players. I believe she did some excessive grumping during that same game too. Neither of us is particularly competitive, but something really makes us whine and cry when it comes to losing board games and cards. My mom claims that we have both been like that since we were three, and she hoped it was something we would outgrow. Now we are 24 and 27 … do you think it is too late?

I think Ryan must have brought one of his sleep demons with him when he came over, because Rex has been spooked all day. He’s been hopping backwards, jumping three feet in the air, playing war games with my slippers (moccasins from the little boy’s section at Target), and avoiding the couch at all costs. So, here is a letter to the sleep demon:

Dear Mr. Sleep Demon,

 Please leave my house. I don’t really want you here and my cat does not particularly care for you either. I think you are under the couch, and this is actually a very unsafe place for sleep demons (or so I’ve heard). Did you notice that my cat is black? Oh, well he is, which means he is a basement cat and has a little demon in him too. Also, he has a skull collar, so I think he automatically wins this battle. In conclusion, if you could please remove yourself from this location, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your cooperation.


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