On Colors

Sometimes Ryan and I agree to disagree about colors. He thinks I have partial color blindness and I think he’s crazy. For example, the other night he was telling me that one of his green pillows was flatter than the other. He was very clearly pointing to the pillows on his bed, and none of them are green. None. Not a one. His bedding is gray. And I am one hundred zillion percent sure of it. So I carried his pillow into the kitchen to compare it to the black and gray granite of his countertops, and he sheepishly told me that I was right. We have a lot of trouble in the gray, green, tan, beige, brown category (and I lump them all together because our disagreements include them all – sometimes simultaneously).

And sometimes I tell Ryan that his eyes are green or gray and then the world stops turning because his eyes are one hundred zillion percent blue – according to him. So now I will sheepishly tell him that he is right:

And oh my goodness do I love those bright blue eyes of his.


Perfectly Perrywinkle said...

Bring that pillow on over here and I'll tell you what color it is! If you really think about it, everyone in the whole world could each see colors completely different, but we would never know, because my red (is red to me) and your red could be completely different, but how would you ever find the words to describe what your color red looks like......hehe

Raegan said...

I have to say that Ry's eyes are as blue as mine (even if they sometimes look green). All of the Taylor's have gorgeous blue eyes and I have four pairs that stare at me every day, five if you count the pair that stares back from the mirror!) so I should know!

Raegan said...

Please ignore the typo! *Taylors* Ooops!