I love the sense of adventure the spring weather brings.  Warm breezes mean wasting entire days on the patio of local pubs, and sunny skies mean reading bargain priced middle school novels at the pool and ending up with a week long sunglass tan.  We’re more inclined to do the unplanned – or perhaps even to plan for the unplanned by leaving big planless holes in our plans.  Ryan surprised me with Tuesday night concert tickets, I bought a pair of $5 flats from the Target, and we started a sing along to Bon Jovi at 3am at a pizza parlor.  Little slices of spring time happy make my heart smile.  Things just feel good.
Here are some pictures to hold you over.  (If you can't tell, I'm loving my new iPhone - which has also quickly become my camera of choice.  It's so nice to finally be a part of the rest of the modern world.)
Cranes for Kids.

Sunny Selwyn Pub toes.

A little Friday night bass playing.

23 cranes for Japan.

90s rock and the city on Saturday.

Skyscrapers and quiet. 


I’ve got lots to catch up on.  My B, for example.  Don’t fret if things get a little out of order.  I mean, you do want to hear about Ke$ha, right?  And see the Perfectly Perrywinkle / Michelle Curl photo shoot, yes?

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Raegan said...

I have to admit that my brother looks pretty good playing the bass. However, he needs a "lead" singer playing the acoustic. Good thing his baby sister married a guy that fits the bill! Too bad they don't live closer together :(