My Bee

Rewinding to 8:30am on Saturday, Ashley shows up at my condo to borrow a cardigan. We both have an extensive collection of cardigans, and basically all things clothes, but sometimes you just need to wear that specific something that your best friend owns. So she came over to borrow my brown Victoria’s Secret wrap that Ryan actually gave me on this day, when he surprised me with a trip to get my hair did too (um, yes, he’s the best).

But on this particular Saturday morning (you know, the one that I wore yoga pants and purple Nikes to do a lot of things), I was a mess of anxiety and all kinds of emotions that happen when your life is in the state that mine is – see: excitement, unknown, confusion, question marks, hoorays, career changes, poverty, and black cats. And then she gave me this:

And I CRIED. Like – a lot. Because she is one of the sweetest things ever, and because an Accomplish Magnificent Things Bee was exactly what I needed right then and right there in my kitchen having a mental breakdown an hour before the Praxis II. My special bee came with a card that said this:

accomplish magnificent things
make a wish and put on your necklace.
get ready to accomplish the incredible!
you can do whatever you set your mind and
your heart to. wear your necklace as a reminder
that you are capable of anything you imagine.

And I love it. I feel so loved. Over the past few weeks, I have received so many pieces of encouragement from my friends and family – flowers, phone calls, cards, notes, bees, and even the “How’d it go?” and “How are you doing?” texts that mean oh so much to a stressed out tiger.  So - thank you.  And love. 


Sherry said...

You are loved: Up to the moon and back again always and forever.

Perfectly Perrywinkle said...

This is sooo sweet! I want an incredible bee necklace, even if it means buying it myself!!!! Can't wait for you to come over so we can start on our "incredible secret project"!