Zoo Awards

We made it to the zoo!  Zoos are always kind of sad, and the animals tend to be either overly sleepy or stir crazy.  But, I love all creatures big and small, and San Diego has a beautiful zoo, so I’m glad we got to spend the afternoon there. (Even though Ryan told me it cost me a pair of Uggs. I didn’t know I had a choice between boots and creature viewing … he’s supposed to tell me these things in advance!)  We both had major camera failures – mine, an uncharged battery and Ryan's, a forgotten memory card.  That being said, most of the good pictures are on Ryan’s iPhone.  But, we’ll start with these:

Zoo Awards

Sun Bears: Best Wrestling Performance
Big Cats: Sleepiest
Hippo: Youngest Creature (Only 1 week old.)
Birds: Biggest Waste of Space (Oops. Sorry, but nobody goes to the zoo to see birds.)
Panda: Most Entertaining Eater and Cutest
Turtle: Bravest (He was giving an alligator a back rub!)
Cheetahs: Most Interesting Story (Each baby cheetah is paired with a puppy companion and then they become best friends forever and live happily ever after together.)
Monkeys: Best Acrobatics and Longest Tails
Meerkats: Haha. I just love them.
Food Creatures (I can’t remember what they are called. Lion snacks and tiger appetizers?): Most Appreciative of Captivity
Jaguar: Best Rex Look Alike

More pictures to come.

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Have you relocated to the West Coast? Or just visiting?