Today was maybe a favorite day. It started with a whole grain bagel and a smoothie served in a glass. Where I come from, smoothies are served in styrofoam cups that say Smoothie King on them, but this was the real deal California style fresh fruit and yogurt in a glass kind, and it was amazing. I relaxed at the relaxation pool and read Water for Elephants while my Praxis study guide stared at me from a side table. (Do you know how good I am at procrastinating? I’m maybe the best – especially when it comes to packing and studying.) Ryan finished up with his morning work obligations, and met me outside. I ordered a tomato mozzarella sandwich and then put on a bathing suit (yikes!) to get into the hot tub. The hot tub was hot. So we got out and snuggled on a chaise to soak up the sun before our spa appointments.

We got prettied up, and after dinner, Glenn Frey from the Eagles entertained us with songs I had never heard. Apparently the Eagles were kind of a big deal? Ryan said my parents would know and I should ask them. After the show, our sweet friend Korrie – of Korrie and Brian who got married in September and now live in China – told me that she was going to give me her bracelet at the end of the night. So I said, okay! And she did. How sweet! Apparently China is the place to live if you like to bargain shop.  Thank you, Korrie!

The day I did absolutely nothing, got a February sun burn, a massage, and a bracelet was today. I love today. Tomorrow is Miami. I aleady love tomorrow.  PS:  The day I got a manicure and pedicure was yesterday.  Someone is getting a little spoiled.  I need a reality check before I get too used to this lifestyle.

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Mely said...

Reality will come soon enough... Mississippi is right around the corner! In the meantime, ENJOY and get spoiled!