Quiero Vivir Aquí

I love Miami. We are staying here, and it is the perfect combination of modern meets wood, city meets beach, and gray meets yellow. I want to live here. Forever. Our room has a skinny spiral staircase that goes all the way up to a private rooftop balcony, and did I mention that I want to live here? Forever?

We spent yesterday catching up on our sleep. On the beach. It was amazing. And then we ate dinner outside without gloves on:

Do you want to visit me when I live here every winter? I already made new friends:

Because I hablo español. Just kidding. These guys didn’t speak Spanish. But they were hilarious. We also met a guy who was dancing the night away in a wrestling singlet. And then I asked a different stranger to take this picture:

He didn’t habla English, so I said one or two word phrases in Spanish that probably made me sound estúpida. I really wanted to say: “Si! Por supuesto!” because that’s my favorite thing ever to say, but it just didn’t fit in. Neither did: “Es un gato negro” or “El hombre corre”. I need to hop on Rosetta Stone. My vocabulary blows.

Did I mention I want to vivo aquí?

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Mely said...

Hahahahaha!!!! You crack me up! Hey, at least you tried. ;)