Home, Yes - Back, No

Since we’re being honest, I feel like I should tell you that being back in Charlotte is kind of bananas. Minus Rex, because he’s always bananas, which cancels itself out. Plus I missed him like crazy, so even if he had shaved his head and toilet papered the house when I was gone, I would still love him.

There were snow sprinkles on my car this morning. Snow sprinkles! It made my heart shrivel up a little while I was scraping it off my windshield. Snow is bananas. So I double wrapped my neck in my leopard print scarf, cranked up the heat, and pretended I was back here:

I’m just not quite ready to be back.  Home, yes.  But back, no.  Can I place a delivery order for a happily ever after with a side of permanent sunshine?  I'll take a homemade Sunday waffle, too.

Also, I'm watching Mean Girls.  Mainly because my remote control can only change the volume and I'm too lazy to get up, but may I say that this is a brilliant movie?  Don't judge me.

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