Airport Adventures

Our coast to coast adventure has certainly risen to its name thus far. Minus the coast part. After waking up at 4 and getting to the airport about an hour and a half later, we learned that our flight to California had been cancelled. So, no biggie, we rescheduled and waited patiently for Texas to defrost. And then our flight was cancelled again because the Dallas airport decided to close its doors completely. And then we went home and took a nap. This was key because we both kind of woke up on the wrong side of the bed, if you know what I mean. I'm allowed to tell you that because it's true. We needed a total redo of this morning. So we got one. Hooray.

So, now we are flying on the Criminal Minds plane with the FBI. Just kidding. But Ryan’s company hooked it up with letting us fly on the chartered plane directly to San Diego. The plane has WiFi. And sandwiches and little jars of jelly beans. And also a couch if you so please. I totally want to snap about 87 pictures, but I don’t want to be that girl. Remember last year when we went to Kiawah Island and had a crawl through wall in our room? That’s what we’re doing again. Except Kiawah turned into San Diego. And a rental Jeep Liberty turned into an 8 passenger Challenger 300 (I only know that because it says so).

Unfortunately all of these cancellations have caused us to cancel our zoo trip for today. Did you know that San Diego is supposed to have the best zoo ever? We are still going to make a valiant effort to go. And Krista is babysitting Rex, in case you were thinking about him when I mentioned the zoo.

I’m sad that I don’t have pictures for you. I pretty much look like I’ve been awake since 4. So. Picture that. Life is funny sometimes.


Meghan said...

oh no! stupid snow! have fun on the fun plane though. And please do take lots of pictures because i lovvvvveee them!

Sherry said...

I love that you called to tell me you arrived safely. When you are getting ready for the zoo don't forget to sing Raffi's "Going to the zoo zoo zoo. How about you you you?" About a kazillion times.