Stopping Hunger and Un-Chopping Pillows

Today we spent two hours stopping hunger. I played the important role of the dried vegetable scooper, which was the third step at our assembly table. Most tables consisted of four or five workers, but ours had seven, so basically, we were badass. The steps in the Stop Hunger Now project are as follows:

1) Place a bag under a funnel.
2) Add a cup of dried soy.
3) Add a chicken favored vitamin.
4) Add a scoop of dried vegetables.
5) Add a cup of rice.
6) Put the bag in a box to be weighed and sealed.
7) Repeat 50,400 times.

For real. 50,400 meals were made today; each meal only costs $0.25 to make, and it feeds seven people. That’s a lot of people, people. The meals are going to Haiti, which is wonderful. But the dried veggies smelled like the soup mix that my mom makes spinach dip with, so I’m not really sure I’ll ever be able to eat that again.

Now we are back in our room, and I think if I took a bath I would make soup from all of the soy dust and vegetable aromas that are embedded in my skin. Oh, and since you were wondering, the answer is yes, we can step off of the bed into an opening in the wall and crawl through the other side and end up in the bath tub. It’s actually pretty neat; Ryan has done it once and I have probably done it about seven times. The bath tub is empty, of course. I like to think of it as an obstacle and a shortcut. Also, here at The Sanctuary, they karate chop their pillows. Have you heard of such a thing? There are probably close to a zillion pillows in this place, and it has been done to every single one of them (except for the ones in our room, which I have un-chopped). It’s so bizarre and obviously done very purposefully, but it makes all of the pillows look terribly sad. I will have to gather some photos, but they basically fluff up three pillows, put them into place, then say “Kiawah! Kiawah! Kiawah!” while they karate chop the top-center of each one. I haven’t exactly seen this happen, but I know it is true. I kind of feel like I am at Hogwarts – you know, the castle school from Harry Potter – and tonight, I’m going to wear my invisibility cloak and un-chop all of the pillows. Do you think I will get caught? I think it would be really hard to catch someone wearing an invisibility cloak. In fact, this morning I was in the shower and lost the cap to my razor, which is clear, and I thought: “Wow, it is really hard to find things that are invisible.” And I don’t think anyone can really argue with that.

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