Ryan & The Bears

Ryan loves Chicago. Ryan loves sports. So every morning, he wakes up and reads the Chicago sports news on his iPhone. And then he lives happily ever after. Wait. Not yet. I have to be involved in any equation that involves Ryan and happily ever afters. But I’m willing to give a little percentage to the Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs, since I know they make him oh so happy.

So, Ryan happened to find himself in Chicago this weekend. He was celebrating his Pop’s 90th birthday (Woah! Go, Pop!), and then he decided that since he was already there, he should probably just go ahead and go to the Bears playoff game. And so he did. Because he just does things like that.

Yes.  That says Row 8, Seat 12.

Yes.  That was his view.  (Picture taken from his phone - no zooming.)

Yes.  I still love him even when he makes the Bear face and wears crazy hats.

The end.  Sorry Bears.  Maybe next year.

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