Coast 2 Coast

Tomorrow we leave for our coast to coast adventure.  San Diego to Miami in 6 days.

We are going to go to the zoo.  And the beach.  And that's all I want to do for the rest of forever.
Do you think I'll come back with a tan?  Circle yes or no.  But I'm really hoping for a yes.
I  am pretty sure that my two suitcases weigh more than I do.
When I told Ryan that I hope he doesn't hate me and all of my stuff, he said:
"I am not concerned about how many things you bring."
Which I then translated to:
"Oh, Tessa, I just want to love you forever and live happily ever after with you at the zoo and on the beach, and I think it is absolutely adorable that you need 14 pairs of shoes for our 6 day vacay."
The end.

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Anonymous said...

Tessa I love this! it made me laugh, because you sounds JUST like me...traveling home for one weekend, my suitcases do weigh more than me, and the weekend i met Michael in Annapolis for 2 days..7 pairs of shoes..

-lauren (ervin)