The Strange Cats

Bienvenidos to December. And how do you feel? I feel like I have bought three pairs of shoes, returned two pairs of shoes, wanted to buy another pair of shoes, bought a cardigan, returned a cardigan, and eaten a pumpkin muffin and two handfuls of Skittles for dinner. Oh wait. That’s because all of that happened within the past 48 hours. Eaten is a weird word. Do you think I used it correctly? Circle yes or no.

Today I came home from a two hour cup of coffee with Krista and snuggled super hard with Rex. Sometimes I like to tackle him and squeeze him until he lets out a little puff of a meow that lets me know I am probably fracturing his ribs. But he really likes it. And then he makes out with me. I think it is okay for me to say that my cat makes out with me – I’m sorry if it offends you. But you are probably just jealous that you don’t have a mini panther that licks your nose and grabs your ankles when you walk by him.

On Monday I was talking to my mom about all of the strange cats we’ve owned. And then I texted my kindergarten BFF and asked her if she remembered when my cat peed on her lap when he was in my car. Previous to the pee in the car incident, he was attacked by a wildebeest in my backyard and had to get a purple cast on his paw. On the way home from the cat doctor, he peed his pants, therefore peeing Katie’s pants and I am pretty sure she cried the whole way home. And then she screamed and did the yucky dance and my sister had to take her pants off for her.

Also, Ryan is in Milwaukee. I had to look up which state that was in because I thought he was in Wisconsin, not Milwaukee. And then it turns out that Milwaukee is in Wisconsin.  Don't judge.

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Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

This post gave me a much needed giggle. I have a dog who likes to make out with me. No offense taken here!